Welcome to Baranko Auctions


Proudly based in Dickinson, North Dakota, serving clients across the Upper Midwest region

Welcome to Baranko Auctions!

Welcome to Baranko Auctions!

Your premier destination for Oilfield Pipe, Tubing, Sucker Rod, Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machinery, and more.

Baranko Auctions was born out of the realization that we needed an easier method for selling tubing and sucker rods from our company Baranko Environmental, LLC. With our extensive experience in the oilfield industry, we saw the potential to create a dynamic platform where buyers could come together, and thus, Baranko Auctions was brought to life.

But our vision didn’t stop there. We are proud to extend our reach beyond the oilfield sector, incorporating a diverse range of products from all of our companies, Baranko Brothers, Inc., Baranko Services, LLC, and Center Coal Company. Here, you will find an impressive selection of Heavy, Agriculture, Coal, and Oilfield Equipment, along with other construction-related items, catering to the needs of professionals across various industries.

At Baranko Auctions, we believe in the power of auctions to revolutionize the way businesses connect, trade, and thrive. Our passion for delivering top-notch products and services remains unwavering as we bring together buyers in a transparent, competitive, and trustworthy marketplace.

Our expert team ensures that each auction is conducted with utmost transparency, creating a fair and competitive marketplace for everyone involved. We take pride in our commitment to quality, reliability, and integrity, making us a trusted partner in your procurement journey.

 As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to building strong relationships with our buyers, fostering a community where opportunities abound and successes are celebrated.

Thank you for visiting Baranko Auctions. We invite you to explore our upcoming auctions and discover the vast array of offerings we have in store. Join us in revolutionizing the way you acquire the equipment and materials you need to power your business forward.

Let’s create a better future together.


The Baranko Auctions Team

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